XENIOSDIAS Loyalty & Rewards Pro

XENIOSDIAS Loyalty & Rewards Program Policy


Xeniosdias offers loyalty rewards to all those who use our coupon at the services affiliated with us

The Reward amounts to the 5% of the final and total sale value of the paid bill.

In Order to be eligible of the rewards you shall take the following easy steps.

1. Download the image of the coupon from here and save it in your phone for easy access.

2. Be serviced at any of the affiliated with us service businesses and present the coupon to their waiting service staff.

Attention: Make sure before you pay that the Bill or Receipt bears the Stamp of the XeniosDias.Com

3. After you paid, take a photo of the receipt Go Here to submit it to us. That's it ! Do this every time you use any of the services affiliated with XeniosDias.Com. At the end of your holidays you will be happy to see the funds you have accumulated in your account


You shall understand that Xeniosdias.com has an agreement with those services and businesses to pay us a percentage of the business we provide to them and our way of tracking is when you submit to us the form with your bill image.

ATTENTION: Do not ask the reward from the business you were served !

We will deposit at your Paypal or bank account the rewards you qualify after successful verification of the form you submitted and reception of the Reward from the service-business that you were served.


You can always check the balance on your Account from here

When your account has accumulated at least $20.00 you will be entitled to request a payment by sending us an email using the email address you have provided to us to the following email address: